Dan Ticktum

Dan Ticktum Is Released From Williams Driver Academy

by Martin Blessing

With DownForcer reporting Dan Ticktum may be losing his chance of a Formula 1 seat, it appears the inevitable has happened.

Ticktum has been released from the Williams driver academy with immediate effect. Previously with Red Bull, Ticktum had signed with the Williams driver academy, prior to the 2020 season. His on and off-track antics have been heavily documented since his arrival to single-seater motorsport.

Most notably, Ticktum was banned from racing in 2015 for deliberately driving in to a rival under safety car conditions. Following this, Ticktum has always made headlines in the motorsport world, for all the wrong reasons. Once publicly stating he felt, he and all other F2 drivers were at a disadvantage as their surname wasn’t Schumacher.

However, the reasons for Ticktum’s departure from the Williams driver academy could possibly be linked to his latest public entanglement. Whilst streaming on his Twitch channel, Ticktum’s friend was singing the “Scooby-Doo” theme tune, with specific amendments to the lyrics – “Scooby-Doobie Doo Latifi is poo“.

After hearing this, one of his viewers posted a comment on the channel; “I mean he’s in F1, you’re in F2…,”.

After seeing this, Ticktum replied, rather abruptly; “He’s older than me, he paid to get there,”.

Now not happy with the viewer, Ticktum added; “M*ron. Fu*king idiot. Go away, like I don’t want someone like that one my fu*king channel. Goodbye!

Given Nicholas Latifi is a current Formula 1 Williams driver, this can’t have gone down well in the Williams camp at all.

Williams haven’t given a reason as to why Ticktum has been released, but I’m sure we can hazard a guess as to where it has stemmed from.

The overall shame here, is that Ticktum is a talented driver and very few could argue that point. However, his antics appear to have severe consequences and now, more so than ever, it doesn’t look good for Dan Ticktum’s future.

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